Deadline/Production Control

To achieve the established objectives and goals in planning the project, GEPLAN monitoring establishes the controls of deadlines and production in two levels:

Operational Control;

General and management control.


Operational Control covers the progress of services, including resources used (financial, manpower, materials and equipment) to allow comparison with the parameters contained in the planning and subsequent analysis of the services to be corrected, to be fulfilled with the deadlines established in the planning and production of the enterprise.  At the same time, generates information to be entered in PERT networks.

This control generates the following documents:

Report of executive planning and control;

Registration of execution of services;

Table of resource use;

Physical Progress of services;

Input data for the PERT.


The activity of General and Management Control prepares in a management level, all information necessary for decision making, so that corrective measures are taken if occur deviations of goals and objectives of deadlines/production set out in planning the venture.

In this activity, we analyze the following elements:

Situations or unforeseen events;

Behavior of the critical path;

Allocation of resources;

Deadlines and effective dates versus planned dates.

Consequently, the management information reports are generated containing a summary of the following information:

Reports of planning and control;

Information on the planned dates and activities undertaken in the period x;

Effective physical progress curves x planned curves;

Report of cost control – budgeted x performed;

Management analysis of the trends

Information on the main pendencies and corrective actions;

General situation of the project.

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