Technical Delivery of Development/Commissioning

Among the activities of the Development Planning, GEPLAN also provides for the Technical Delivery of Development, Commissioning and Assistance to installation start-ups.

To the extent that services are being completed, many are made systematic checks of pending (missing items) and non-conformities, through the development of “punch-lists.”

In the final lists it’s presented service schedules for the different areas, as services will be approaching its end.

The final assembly verification and determination of acceptance of services is done through visual tests or with the aid of measuring instruments based on the part of manufacturers of materials and equipment.

The Commissioning of a plant activity is critical to the success of the game the same and reliability of its facilities in the operational phase. Thus, the GEPLAN organizes the preparation of the Commissioning Manual, with the participation of elements responsible for the maintenance and operation of the facilities installed.

The Training and Start-up Assistance – Management and Supervision Teams of Works of GEPLAN will be responsible for coordination of training activities for the staff of Entrepreneur, activities that are performed by providers and equipment manufacturers. The assistance will be made by the departing team work together with suppliers and elements of the Entrepreneur, responsible for operation and maintenance.

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