Technical and Administrative Support of Works

Management and Supervision Teams of Works of GEPLAN provide to builders and contractors the Technical and Administrative Support in the Construction Site, developing the following activities:

Inform, to the representatives of the contractors, as Norms and Procedures of Canteiro, regarding the norms of medicine, hygiene and safety of the work; property security; schedules of operation of the construction site, entry and exit of personnel, materials and equipment; and, environmental protection measures, such as the destination of waste generated by works and the use of handling of potentially polluting materials – paints, solvents, oils, etc.;

Plan the implementation of the construction site to minimize interference between the contractors and locate service centers;

Plan the demobilization program of builders and contractors;

Clarify the doubts of projects and memorandums raised by builders and contractors;

Guide the builders and contractors about the procedures for measuring services;

Provide criteria for technical supervision of each stage of the services.

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