Inspection / Expediting

GEPLAN Teams are prepared to undertake inspections and expediting of field (work) or on the premises of suppliers.

The expediting activity includes all necessary actions to allow that the product to be supplied, mounted or placed into service be delivered on time, according to the technical specifications and within the quality standards expected by the entrepreneur.

Periodic visits are made to check in detail the state of manufacture or assembly, based on the contract documents, schedules, events, payment and other documents deemed necessary. During the initial visit is evaluated the infrastructure of the manufacturer or assembler to perform the contracted operations, testing and other quality control measures specified in the contract.

During visits to the manufacturer or the work, are audited at least the following areas in relation to the contract expedited:


Planning and control of production or assembly;


Receipt and storage;

Production or assembly;

Quality Control;

Shipment and commissioning.

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