General, Management and Operational Planning

In the management of projects the main activity developed by GEPLAN is Planning, performed in three levels.

General Planning;

Management Planning;

Operational Planning.


Encompasses the planning of basic resources to be employed, the services to be contracted and overall progress.

The goals established by the General Planning should remain unchanged at all stages of the venture, unless substantial changes in the project, thus becoming, in the standard basis for the Planning and Management, as well as a point of comparison for performance analysis.


It considers the project structure in the development of the various levels of planning, scheduling and controlling, according to its physical and economic-financial aspects as a whole.

Its function is to define and update the Master Schedule, the parameters of time, advances or delays, to optimize the resources at the level of execution and control the physical and financial progress of each stage of the project management level.


From the management plan it’s prepared the Operational Planning, with the following purposes:

Define the production in the short and medium term;

Define the resources;

Engage pendencies.

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